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New Season

Ready for the New

I sense it in my spirit, I declare it: "I decree, in Jesus Name, that we, at The Master's Ministry are going into a New Season. A Fresh flow of the Anointing will be manifested in the services at The Master's Ministry. And I pray that each faithful member will receive a new season of the Power, Presence and Prosperity of the Lord Jesus."

Now having released the declaration to you, I must inform you that there are some things you need to be aware of and some things you will have to do in order to receive the full benefits of the declaration.

Hear This

When we say, "New Season", some people think of the change of the natural seasons, winter, spring, summer, fall and even though we are moving from fall to winter, naturally speaking right now, that's not the New Season I'm referring to.

The whole world has been talking about CHANGE. Why? Because when there is a major shift coming from the Spirit Realm to affect the whole earth, the Earth begins to sense it. Just like animals can sense when a storm is coming, way before there is any visible sign.

Our world is sensing a CHANGE coming. The world is saying CHANGE because they are feeling it. Everyone all over the world is speaking CHANGE, looking for CHANGE. But hear me when I say, "They don't know what change they really want and are asking for."

Even our Presidential Candidates are saying they are going to be the ones who bring the CHANGE that is being sensed and needed. And though they will have something to do with some things that will change in the natural; they don't really have a clue as to what CHANGE is coming and what is really needed.

Oh Change is Coming

I speak under the unction of the Spirit, when I say, the real CHANGE that is coming is a New Spiritual Awakening and Awareness. Romans 8:19 says, "For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God."

As from that scripture, what I hear in the Spirit is that there is a time when the whole earth and all that was created will begin to sense when it is time for the Sons of God to be revealed. And being revealed as in them rising up, being made known and them doing the work of their father God. And the time is Now!

CHANGE is coming to the Church and the people of God, so that we will be equipped and ready to be the Representatives, Ambassadors of Christ that God has need of us to be in the world. The Change, the new season we are going into is for the Church:

"A new season of Transformation and Preparation for Great Manifestation."

It's a Great Time!

God is ready like never before to Stir up, Raise up and Send forth His Son's and Daughters with His Word, Presence and Power to bring REAL CHANGE to the world.

Are you a Son or Daughter of God? Are you ready to be trained, empowered, and used (in whatever way He has gifted you or has need to use you), for the Glory of God?

Rise up Sons and Daughters of God! It's time to Arise!

Kingdom Blessings,

Dr. Altheresa Goode Howard

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